Innovation by tradition

From the very beginning, the responsible at our six sites have recognized opportunities and challenges at an early stage and acted progressively. This is how we have been setting standards in iron and metal solutions for centuries.

Technological edge as a trademark

An overview of the development from regionally important plants to the globally active Gienanth Group:


Fronberg Guss GmbH is founded in Schwandorf, Bavaria.


The present headquarters of the Gienanth Group in Eisenberg/Palatinate is founded as a hammer mill and expanded in the following decades into an ironworks for the production network of the von Gienanth family of industrialists.


The history of Gienanth Chemnitz Guss GmbH begins as a loom factory.

From 1900

Production of high-quality cast iron components for the automotive industry begins in Eisenberg, e.g. the first engines for the racing cars of the Bugatti automotive legends.

Fronberg Guss GmbH introduces machine mold casting.


The first cylinder crankcases for large engines are produced in Eisenberg.

From 1950

Fronberg Guss GmbH switches mainly to the production of high-quality iron castings using the hand-molding process.

Daimler-Steyr-Puch AG, now Gienanth Steyr Guss GmbH, launches its operations.


Today's Gienanth Zaigler MBA GmbH is founded as Hans Wagner Zylinderschleiferei in Kulmbach.


Automated production on vertically split molding lines starts in Eisenberg, making the industrial company one of the first ever to do so.


An internal metalworking company is founded in Steyr, which to this day produces high-precision cast iron components in small and medium-sized series ready for installation.

From 2000

The Chemnitz plant is realigned: State-of-the-art plant and machinery is created, including two horizontal molding lines on which highly complex cast iron components weighing up to 100 kg are cast.


The Fronberg plant becomes a subsidiary of Gienanth GmbH.


The production network in Austria is supplemented by a company for cast post-processing in Kaplice, Czech Republic.


Gienanth integrates the Steyr/Kaplice production network.


Zaigler becomes part of the Gienanth Group. The plant is one of the leading machining companies for large and complex components up to 50 t and specializes in machining cylinder crankcases for large engines.


Gienanth integrates the Chemnitz site into the Group.

In addition to the above-mentioned European production plants, the Gienanth Group also has an international presence: Both in the USA and in India, we work together with local market leaders to meet the requirements of our local customers.

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