We are Metallovation

Whatever your future product should look like - we are able to present all requirements in a maximum economic and sustainable way. The guarantor of this performance is our team, which meets every challenge.

More than perfect casting

"Metallovation" here defines not only our expertise in the field of customized highly complex metal solutions, but also our competence in innovation, consulting, research and development, design and simulation, as well as quality and measuring.

  • Weight reduction through the development of innovative geometries and the use of bionomic design
  • Production optimization through the development of optimized tools
  • Broad portfolio of individual material solutions in GJL, GJS and GJV
  • Targeted research cooperations with renowned institutes and partners
  • Innovative use of 3D printers and rapid prototyping to try out new things and push the limits of what is feasible
  • High-tech systems for the realization of highly complex components
  • Interactive CAD/CAM/CAE system Siemens NX designs castable blanks and precise tools
  • Reverse engineering to reconstruct and further develop components around iron
  • State-of-the-art simulation techniques from Magmasoft optimize casting parameters such as mold filling, solidification and component stresses
  • Certified standards in all processes
  • 100% inspection and guarantee of the finest tolerances
  • Sampling and surface inspection with optical measuring methods
  • High-precision CNC-controlled tactile measuring technology
  • State-of-the-art robot-based quality assurance for large castings
  • Benchmark in complexity and quality
  • Decisive impetus in sustainability
  • Experience and know-how meet state-of-the-art production technology
  • High-end products with a technical edge, from single parts to large-scale production
  • Multiple awards for product and process innovation
  • Dialog right from the start: from the initial idea to the production-ready blank or finished part
  • Cost efficiency through optimized production and smart product design
  • Interdisciplinary teams guarantee cost-effectiveness and planning reliability in all process steps
  • Precision and experience - the Gienanth Group stands for passionate engineering and customized solutions

Production capacities, techniques and processing

Gienanth melting plants: equipped for highest process reliability and best quality

Our state-of-the-art melting plants have an annual capacity of over 350,000 tons of liquid iron. The basic materials we use include pig iron, steel scrap, cast iron scrap and recycled material. We continuously analyze the composition of the base material for the primary forming process. In addition, our automated magnesium wire treatment with digital stacker control system is unique worldwide.

Our capacities and competencies at a glance

  • Maximum melting capacity: 197,000 t p. a.
    1 × hot blast cupola furnace max. 30 t/h
    1 × 5-t NF coreless induction furnace
    3 × 8 t MF coreless induction furnaces
    3 × 60 t holding furnaces
  • Automated wire spooling system
  • Machine molding for unit weights of up to 30 kg on a total of five vertical molding lines, e.g. for medium and large series as well as spare parts supply
  • Production of components with unit weights of up to 5 t in small and medium batches as well as individual parts using the hand-mold casting process
  • Maximum melting capacity: 18,500 t p. a.
    2 × 6 t NF induction crucible furnaces
    1 × 2.5 t MF crucible induction furnace
  • Production of components with unit weights of up to 15 t in small and medium batches as well as individual parts using the hand-mold casting process
  • Maximum melting capacity: 48,000 t p. a.
    2 × 15 t NF induction crucible furnaces
    1 × 12 t NF crucible induction furnace
  • Production of components from 1 kg up to 50 kg in small and medium series by machine molding on horizontal molding lines
  • Maximum melting capacity: 100,000 t p. a.
    1 × long-time cupola furnace max. 10 t/h
    2 × 3.2 t MF induction crucible furnaces
    2 × 12 t MF induction crucible furnaces
  • Production of iron cast components from 2 to 100 kg component weight in medium and large series on two horizontal molding lines
  • Automatic core shooters for highly complex geometries
  • Mechanical machining
  • Mechanical machining


We produce with the following materials:

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